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Foamex Letters

Foam PVC (Foamex) gives a much cheaper signage alternative to acrylic or metal materials. Foam lettering is a great solution to projects where cost of purchase is the most important factor. Foam PVC lettering is a low cost, entry level solution to interior and exterior lettering projects.
  • Lightweight & long lasting
  • Available in RAL colours or wet-sprayed
  • Ideal for interior or exterior use
  • 100% re-cyclable
  • Fast turnaround

Foam PVC is available in a range of colours and thicknesses and is great for point of sale, internal displays and many short term external projects. If needed, foam letters can be painted (wet-sprayed) to a Pantone colour. Foam PVC letters are cut on our CNC Routers and are extremely quick to produce. We can add locators to enable a simple and speedy fixing method for the majority of wall surfaces. Alternatively a VHB (very high bond) tape can also be provided to fix the sign into its final position.

Foam PVC is an extremely versatile material. It consists of a uniform, expanded closed cell structure which gives it a perfect combination of stability and strength. It has a great resistance to damage such as small knocks and scrapes. Foam PVC has many brand names for this material, it is also known as Foamex, Forrex and Palight