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Built Up Rimless Letters

Rimless 3D Corporate Lettering is a type of three-dimensional signage which has become hugely popular nowadays for large and small businesses across the UK. The 3D letters are fabricated together to create a box shape three dimensional letter or logo which can be painted to your desired colour or left plain in either a brushed or polished stainless steel finish.

Rimless letters are a great way of displaying your company name or logo in a corporate way and ensure they’re clearly visible at night. There are a range of methods we use to create different colours or designs.

The face of the letter or logo is made from a range of coloured acrylic inserts which is fixed into position so that the internally mounted LED lights illuminate the face of the letters or shape of the logo. These letters are also available as a non-illuminated option.

Please get in contact with us for further information on pricing & fitting.