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Punched Hole & Grille Shutters


These lightweight shutters are easy to operate in either a manual setting or as an electric roller system.
It offers maximum visibility with no compromise on security, whilst being an economical solution and is easy to maintain ongoing.

Like all our other roller shutters, our grilles come in a variety of colours and designs to suit all budgets.
Brick bind, inline styles and slats can be added for enhanced security or styling.



Bars and eateries with open plan integrating into shopping centre walk ways benefit from isolating their specific areas with
punched roller shutters when closed for business, allowing visibility and light into the unit without compromising on security.

These shutters are durable and robust so can equally benefit car parks that are in constant use giving them the crucial airflow for underground settings.

Works with a manual operation or electric system activated by a switch or remote control fob, either way, we will have no trouble
finding the perfect punched roller shutter that works for you and your premises.