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Perforated Shutters

Our superior range of perforated roller shutters is especially ideal for retailers on the high street or within shopping centres
who want to allow the display of product and branding visibility.

Security staff has the added advantage of peering into units of perforated shutters to determine an intruders existence.

These light weight perforated shutters are available in steel or aluminium.
With many Ral colours to choose from, they are also available with either a manual or electric operating system to suit
your needs and as industry experts, we guarantee high quality workmanship, robust solutions with a hassle free installation service.

Perforated roller shutters allow around 30% visibility once shutters are down.

The Company has completed many projects for a wide range of businesses. We delivered our finished products and services
for newly build and refurbishment sites such as banks, shopping centres, showrooms and independent shops and supermarkets.