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Potato & Onion Display

One of the most important sections in supermarkets and grocery stores are the heavy items display sections.
These sections increase the loading capacity of the system with its deep baskets. It is one of the most ideal grocery stalls, especially designed to sell foods such as potatoes and onions, which are constantly busy.


This grocery counter is on wheels and it saves people from porter loads that may occur on them.
As the weight of a bag of potatoes can vary in the range between 25-50kg. Considering that the maximum permissible payload capacity for a person is 32 kilograms, occupational health and safety rules are violated.
Or it will be necessary to assign two personnel for this job.


Potato & Onion Aisle system can be taken to the desired point with its wheeled structure and can be loaded easily. It is also known as a food with a lot of dust pollution for.
For this, there is a drawer at the bottom of this counter to collect the spilled dust and soil.
The drawer is also detachable and can be emptied easily from time to time, thus solving a difficult issue in greengrocers.