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Plated Fruit & Veg Display

The trays are installed on a platform on the workbench, and can be fixed by the nails on the back.
As trays are detachable, they can easily be cleaned and moved.

Also i
f desired your own plastic cases can easily be displayed.

The structure of the grocery counter is above the 150 kg load limit per square meter.
So much so that the main skeleton was built on a profile body and the structure was made durable with thick materials in places.
Special feet’s have been added in order to cut the contact with the ground at the bottom of the system and to adjust the balance at the same time.
As you move towards the upper part, the front part has a lidded structure and allows the lower part to be used as a stock area.

In front of the lidded structure, there is a basket area that special products can be displayed which can be adjustable.
There is an inclined surface large enough to hold 2 baskets of 60 cm when one goes up to the top.
At the same time, bulk products can be placed in this part too.
The front part is protected with special stainless material.

All Fruit & Veg Display Cabinets are made to measure, please get in contact with us for more information.