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Gondola Fruit & Veg Display

The Wooden Gondola Fruit & Veg Display, designed to be used in the middle of markets and greengrocers.

While there is a chance to pick products from both sides in this workbench, it can also be used single-sided if desired.
There are also special parts for displaying labels on the upper part, and these parts can be removed if desired, increasing the usage area.

In order to create maximum usage area in all of our products, the lower parts can also be made with storage upon request.

Wooden Central area grocery section sits on an endoskeleton platform.
This skeleton system is built on independent middle pillars and it is also a multi-point for loads coming from other axes connection system has been implemented.

Multi-point connection system alone is not enough. In order to meet the product loads,
the material is shaped and the materials are gained inertia and both axial stresses are prevented and a strong structure is created.