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Fruit & Veg Display

Fruit & Veg Displays allows the products to be placed in the desired style by disciplining almost all the fruit and vegetable boxes used in the market.

The baskets can be adjusted at an angle. By this way, the concept of ergonomics, which differs regionally, can be adjusted for each region.

There are two different size baskets used in the product storage area of ​​the Fruit & Veg Displays, and special press machines are used for these baskets in order to provide natural ventilation for a longer shelf life.
These baskets are detachable if desired.

The lower part of the Fruit & Veg Display is covered in terms of storage and logistics.
In many models wooden additions are made frequently and stainless material is used where necessary.

The storage areas of Fruit & Veg Displays can be opened and it is very important in terms of logistics.
Whilst it provides an advantage for both stock and product storage, it also highlights the cleanliness of the department system in terms of hygiene.

All Fruit & Veg Display Cabinets are made to measure, please get in contact with us for more information.