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Restaurants, hotels, cafes, takeaways and even wedding parties vary in size, as do the menus they require.
For those who offer a short menu, our smaller flat printed menus with quality finishes are great.
For those who require a little more space, our larger and folded menus are ideal. 

Science says we eat with the eyes first, and with our printed menus everybody will find your food irresistible!

Restaurants, hotels, cafes, weddings and takeaway menu printing available.

Folding choices

Half fold leaflets are folded in half along the centre like a greeting card.

Roll fold leaflets are divided into three sections, with outer sections folding over one another. This is also known as a letter fold.

Z fold leaflets differ from roll fold leaflets in that their panels do not overlap. They fold like an accordion or Z-shape, allowing you to show three panels of artwork on each side, which are viewed in sequence.

Gatefold leaflets have their outer flaps folded to meet in the middle. The flaps can be unfolded to showcase the artwork within.